Critical Illness Definitions

Critical Illness

The policy can pay the sum assured on diagnosis of a critical illness, if this is selected at outset. Typical illnesses that are covered:

AIDS or HIV from physical assault

AIDS or HIV from accidental exposure

AIDS or HIV from blood transfusion

Angioplasty Aorta graft surgery

Aplastic anemia

Bacterial meningitis

Benign brain tumour




Coronary artery bypass surgery


Degenerative organic brain disease

(includes: CJD, pre senile dementia, Alzheimer's) Heart Attack

Heart valve replacement

Kidney failure

Loss of independent existence

Loss of speech

Major organ transplant

Motor neurone disease

Multiple Sclerosis Paralysis

Parkinson's disease


Third degree burns

Total permanent disability

(Definition 1: unable to carry out own occupation)

(Definition 2: unable to carry out any occupation)

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