Concrete and Prefabricated House Construction Mortgage

Most properties of concrete construction (concrete houses, concrete bungalows etc) will appear on what is known as the defective list and therefore are not deemed mortgagable unless they have been ‘repaired’. This means that the concrete construction has been bricked to a certain standard.

Concrete constructed houses take many forms and can offer good value for money. Mortgage Solutions has access to companies who will lend on concrete and prefabricated houses regardless of whether they have been repaired. Rates can tend to be higher due to the increased lending risk. These are subject to lenders criteria. Funding is available to people who wish to purchase or remortgage.

Please note: For customers looking to purchase or remortgage, BISF, Laing Easiform or Wimpey No Fines properties, we have access to rates which are more in line with standard construction homes. Contact us for more information on these rates and offers

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