Difficult to get Mortgage....

Mortgage Solutions has access to products that can accommodate credit problems and other unusual circumstances, some with well-known lenders, for people who need a mortgage.

People who have been unfortunate with such problems know all to clearly how, in some cases, banks & building societies are unable to assist them.

Do any of the following circumstances applies to you? Let Mortgage Solutions help:

  • County Court Judgments (CCJ's) Considered up to 70%. LTV
  • Defaults.
  • Bankruptcies, discharged less than 1 year (not currently available)
  • Been in arrears with a loan or mortgage?
  • Self Employed
  • You want to purchase a building of unusual construction (e.g. concrete)

It is always difficult to quote exact rates in an "adverse" lending situation, without knowing your circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your own personal situation.

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